At Beauty For Real we want you to look great, feel great and have fun while doing it.  By utilizing the latest technology in packaging, partnering with the top chemists and laboratories in the country, we've created a straightforward, modern range of high functioning cosmetics with amazing formulations in the most wearable, go to shades.

Key Product Features:

  • Essential products in shades for women of all ages.
  • Jam-packed with skin loving, plant derived antioxidants, essential oils and vitamins to encourage and enhance inner and outer beauty.
  • Formulated paraben free!
  • Super smart packaging, core products have mirrors and LED lights built in!
  • Designed for the women on the go, a perfect application anywhere, anytime!


It’s all in the name.  For real.


BEAUTY FOR REAL is created with the firm belief that there are infinite definitions of beauty, every one as unique as each individual woman.  It has been designed and formulated with the aim of providing women the most exceptional and efficacious tools and products used to reveal all of these diverse beauties.

BEAUTY FOR REAL represents a radical but commonsense shift from the ‘counter culture’ as we know it; a place that espouses ‘universal’ formulasfor Everywoman, one-size-fits-all solutions, and prepackaged trends that ‘everyone’ will be wearing. 

Instead BEAUTY FOR REAL offers a thoughtfully edited palette and the most luxurious product formulations, side-by-side with essential advice and real education.

It’s an idea whose time has come.  For real.


Being a dedicated follower of fashion without ever becoming its victim is one of the clearest marks of sophistication.  Sifting through the the millions of messages aimed at us to arrive at our own personal style is the trait that elevates one from being merely stylish to having style.

BEAUTY FOR REAL celebrates individualized notions of personal style and is created with the aim of realizing the one-of-kind point of view of each women who wears it.  BEAUTY FOR REAL has been strategically edited and carefully created.  But not so much that the fun of fashion is lost.

BEAUTY FOR REAL is artfully composed and stylishly considered down to the tiniest detail.  BEAUTY FOR REAL provides tools for creating your own personal style and putting your best face forward.

The great fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, once said:  ‘Elegance is refusal.’  She was right.  Elegance real style are refusing to be anything other than the beauty you are.


Smart is important at BEAUTY FOR REAL.  We believe that makeup should be innovative, flexible, and intelligently designed as the iPhone.

Ignoring the barriers that have often existed between skin care and makeup, BEAUTY FOR REAL is marked by cutting edge formulations that care for, enhance and protect the skin while never lacking in artistry and fun.

The mark of great design is the marriage of form and function.  BEAUTY FOR REAL products are each contained in chic and smartly executed components, lovely to hold and a pleasure to use.  No detail has been overlooked.  For example, we’ve designed a light and mirror in the handle of each tube of our lip creams and glosses for application in the darkest restaurant, car or club.

BEAUTY FOR REAL works hard and it works very smart.


BEAUTY FOR REAL believes that every woman should have the very best tools in her beauty arsenal and that price need not ever be a barrier to quality. 

Leveraging years of experience in product development, BEAUTY FOR REAL is able to offer products consistent in quality with the most prestigious brands in the world but at prices that are accessible to every woman.

If value is about getting more than what you pay for, the BEAUTY FOR REAL may the most valuable brand around.