Which goes first, lip liner or lip gloss?
For the best staying power, liner should go first.  Not only does it maximize the shape of your lips, it acts as a barrier and holds your gloss flawlessly in place.

Should my lip liner match my lip gloss?
Beauty For Real is changing the world.  No more dark, drawn, hard-edged lips!  The Perfect Pencil was designed to match your natural lip color.  Whether your skin tone is pale vanilla or rich coffee, this is your liner.  Use it to define your best lip shape and keep your gloss in place.  Your lips will look fuller, softer, better than ever.

How can i make my lips look as full as possible?
Soft edges with rounded corners are your best bet.  Extending your lip line beyond the natural edge can get a bit tricky, but The Perfect Pencil makes it easy.  The soft texture and natural color are exactly what you need to achieve a believable fullness.  Adding a highlight with Lightning or Starlust in the center of your upper and lower lip creates a fuller look.

How do i keep my gloss from bleeding outside of my lip line?
It's all about the prep work and the quality of your products.  See The Light has a formula that stays put while adding the perfect combination of color and shine.  Begin by blending your foundation softly around your lip line.  Then apply The Perfect Pencil, which will define your best lip shape, seal the edges and keep your gloss exactly where you want it.

What is the plumping ingredient in Beauty For Real’s light up lip gloss and will it make my lips burn or sting?
See The Light illuminating light up lip gloss infuses lips with marine collagen to give a naturally fuller appearance.  This light up lip gloss also has a cool, refreshing feeling with a hint of mint and grapefruit to create a fresh and clean aroma.

Should my blush and lip color match?

Pair tones that are in the same color family.  For peachy blush: try All Fired Up, Sunlight or Spark.  Pink blush: try Light Hearted, Kiss Me or D Light.  Neutral blush: try Turned On, Light My Fire or You're In My Light.

How long will the LED light on the Beauty For Real light up lip gloss last?
With everyday use of switching the LED light off and on it will last up to 6 months.  However, if the LED is left on consistently it will last up to 48 hours.

How does the LED light on Beauty For Real’s light up lip gloss work?

There is a small black button on top of the applicator lid.  Push to turn on and off.

What lip colors work best with a smoky eye?
It's best to keep focus on one feature.  Neutral lips are best with a strong eye.  Try Starlust, Light Hearted, Sunlight, or The Perfect Pencil topped off with Lightning.

How do I keep my mascara from ending up under my eyes?
Miracle Mascara is formulated to do it all for you!  The problems you’ve had with other mascaras are history.  For your best lash look: turn on the light on the top of the cap, tilt your head back, look in the magnifying mirror on the bottle and apply.  Use long sweeping strokes from the base of your lashes out to the tips.  Our hourglass shaped brush contours your eye perfectly so that every lash gets defined.  Miracle Mascara has curling benefits and leaves your lashes super soft and flexible, but an eyelash curler always gives an extra boost.  If you choose to, use it before you apply your mascara.

Is it true you shouldn’t wear eye cream during the day because it can make my mascara run?
With Miracle Mascara you can use your eye cream during the day.  The carnauba wax base will keep your mascara where it is supposed to be…on your beautifully defined, long, shiny, black lashes!

How can you get a fuller lash look without wearing eyeliner.  Is this possible?
One of our favorite tricks for a fuller lash line is to place liner on the inner lid of your upper lash line.  Your lash line will appear fuller without the look of a “lined eye”.

How does Miracle Mascara work for people who have sensitive eyes and wear contacts?

Our formula is so clean!  Free of parabens and harsh chemicals and perfect for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  Added bonus: Miracle Mascara never smudges or flakes under your eyes, or IN them!