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10 Unconventional Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

valentines day

Whether you’re single or committed, we all have a reason to celebrate love on February 14th. Here’s a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day moments and ideas. Read this and leave a comment below to let us know what you do!

5 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone or With Friends

5 Affordable, Last-Minute Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

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1) Be your best friend’s secret admirer

Natalie says, “My most memorable Valentine's Day was when my best friend in high school and I planned to be each other’s secret admirer and each class we would leave each other gifts and then after school we gave each other balloons and went to have a sushi dinner together. “

2) Go old school and pass out elementary V-Day cards at work

Leslie says, “What I remember the most is those little Valentine’s Day cards you gave out to your entire class, and everyone would be excited to see what card they got. I think that made Valentine’s Day fun because it wasn’t just about romance, it was about sharing with others. However, on the romantic side of things, my parents have been married for 66 years and every year since they’ve been dating, my dad gets my mom a box of chocolates. And then he eats it all. It’s cute.”

3) Hit up a yoga sesh and make new friends

Enjoy a free yoga class with friends or make some new ones... did someone say post-work out happy hour?

4) Hit the town with your girlfriends

Caitlyn says, “I spent Valentine’s Day with my fellow single sorority sisters. We made dinner, had some beers, and then headed out to the square. It was great…we laughed, danced, drank, and the bars weren’t crowded. I guess couples don’t see bar hopping as particularly romantic.”

5) Pamper yourself to an at-home spa session

Raid your cupboards for some DIY face mask ingredients and make your own at-home spa while relaxing on the sofa, watching your favorite movie and curling up with your best blanket. 

1) Have a picnic

Holly says, “My boyfriend and I wanted to celebrate our first V-Day in Miami doing something we could only do here so we packed a picnic, a nice big blanket, and went to the beach. It was great because not a soul was there. We enjoyed Casola’s Pizza, watched the sunset, and listened to country music playing from my phone.”


2) Walk the aisles of your favorite grocery store

Portia says, “Every year my boyfriend and I go to Costco for Valentine’s Day to avoid the hustle and bustle going on at restaurants. We take our time and stroll through every aisle.”


3) Take a bike ride downtown

Bring out your bike or rent one and cruise the city together. If you’re the small-town type, ride your bike through some back roads while the sun sets (with all safety precautions observed of course).

4) Netflix and let’s be honest, probably some chill too

Have a romantic Netflix night in—who knows—maybe you’ll discover a new show to binge on (Black Mirror *cough* *cough*).


5) Have a bake night

Head to the grocery store, grab some ingredients for your favorite desserts and have a bake night. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with your sweetie making sweets?


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