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Behind the scenes with Beauty For Real

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People are running back and forth, cameras are flashing, a photographer is shouting commands, models are posing. The chaos of a photoshoot is so alluring, so thrilling.As a Beauty For Real employee, I’ve heard Leslie’s tales of working with models and photographers at exquisite locations I could only imagine. Now, it was finally my turn to see it in real life. Not like a TV documentary, the real deal.


Just when my nerves couldn’t take the anticipation anymore, we arrived at a swanky hotel in South Beach, Miami. I was a little skeptical at first, but then I stepped inside and realized this was one of the nicest hotels I had ever been to. The glamour of it boasted pure-bred Miami swag. The models made it seem like a fashion dream.I couldn’t get too star-struck, though. My job was to capture exclusive videos and images for BFR’s social media. Once the first photoshoot started, I had to maneuver my way around bustling photographers and balance capturing my footage without getting in the way. I felt a little flustered, but then I’d look around at the sophisticated urban setting with Aztec-designed pillows, sensual lighting, and bullhorns on the wall. Immediately, I slipped back into awe.  

 As the shoot went on, I realized I had stepped up for a quite a challenge. Everything was happening so fast—I was trying to Snap one scene with one phone, Instagram another with another phone, while somehow getting this shot on Facebook and that shot on Twitter. 

I always thought photoshoots were so easy. Someone brings the clothes, someone does the make-up, a model poses, a photographer takes some shots. Wow, was I wrong. There were people working endlessly from 6am to 5pm preparing the sets, changing camera settings, altering lighting, touching up make-up, changing clothes. Every little detail counts for the perfect shot.

My favorite set was outside on the cabana, which was a public area. It was a fabulous Miami winter day at a high of 85° F. The models were stunning in their sexy little bikinis, and the sunlight made our Beauty For Real products pop magnificently on their skin. Being treated like a celebrity as people gawked at the models and asked us what was going on was a pretty nice touch, too. 

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, and I could tell everyone else on set was, too. But it was worth it. I had an unforgettable experience seeing magazine images come to life. I got awesome shots for our social media, and I know our followers reveled in seeing Beauty For Real behind the scenes.

 Check out the Beauty For Real YouTube channel for more Behind the scenes videos! 

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