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BFR Spotlight: Lyss Camareno, Media Manager

By Lyss Camareno

My love for the fashion and beauty industry blossomed at quite a young age, but my younger self never would’ve imagined this is where we would be today. Not a lot of people wake up everyday excited to get to work and get the day going. I have truly found my happy place, my zen if you will, at Beauty For Real. I’m blessed in that I get to come work for an amazing brand but also work with some of the most creative, talented, and driven women I have ever met. I’m young, like just graduated college for the first time young, and I find that it is really important to be in an environment where everyone uplifts and empowers each other. I’m extremely fortunate to have found my way and to have what I consider my dream job. By now, you’re probably saying “ Okay okay we get it, Lyss, you love your job. What do you even do as a media manager? ” Well I will gladly enlighten you on my role at Beauty For Real and some of the awesome things I get to experience because of my job.

As the media manager at BFR, I’m ultimately responsible for managing our influencer program, managing our social media platforms as well as managing any public relations. I also attend and assist at events we do even jumping in to do hair and makeup when needed for shows. When it comes to managing our influencer program, I find bloggers who are interested in partnering with us and get them goodies to review for us. We love hearing feedback from our bloggers and customers, it helps us make our brand even better! My favorite part of managing these blogger relationships is actually getting to meet these wonderful people and getting to know them more personally. I find you learn a lot about a person over coffee or cocktails. At least once a week I go down to my fave coffee spot in Wynwood, Panther Coffee,  and meet with a local blogger or influencer. Since bloggers and social media go hand-in-hand, I also manage our social media accounts. So if you get cute, usually super corny, comments on your posts, that’s most likely me. I assist in preparing the creative vision of each channel along with our creative team as well as posting daily on our channels. Bloggers also go hand-in-hand with PR, so it only makes sense that I manage those relationships as well. In addition to managing PR in regards to bloggers, I also manage PR in regards to print and digital magazine publications.


My typical day starts with me arriving to the office and running straight for our Verismo coffee maker to make a huge cup of Colombian espresso coffee. Thank you to the amazing Lola over at OhLolaBlog for getting me quite possibly one of the largest coffee cups I’ve ever seen for my birthday this year. It’s black with gold font that says Boss Lady, how fabulous, and it even matches my desk decor. ( Yes, I am that extra girl in the office who has completely matching office supplies...down to the hanging file folders and all, don’t judge me ) Once the coffee’s done brewing, I jump into my emails and get those answered while I gulp down my cup of joe. The rest of the day can be filled with packing and shipping PR packages for influencers, filming new content for our YouTube and Instagram, or finding, reaching out, and following up with influencers. You may also find me helping Leslie test and develop new products or helping Aleks & Portia with tasks in our operations and marketing departments. Sometimes you won’t even find me in the office, I’ll either be meeting with bloggers or attending and assisting at events & shows. Helping with shows and events has to be one of my absolute favorite parts of my job.


Through my position, I’ve gotten to attend and experience some of the most amazing events and shows that I’d otherwise never get the opportunity to. I’ve gotten the chance to attend and assist on many different events, but by far the most memorable (i.e. someone please pinch me right now cause I have to be dreaming) was getting to do hair and makeup for the grand opening of Christian Louboutin’s new boutique in the Miami Design District. Let us flashback for a moment here…

Picture this: high school Lyss is scrolling through the Louboutin boutique online when she comes across seven thousand dollar Swarovski covered Daffodils and completely falls in love. Full on heart eyes emoji love. She vows that when the time comes for her to get married, she will have those shoes on. Even if that meant no ring, she was determined to have them at any cost. That was the day her Louboutin obsession began. End Scene.

So you see how much I love Louboutin as a brand, now you see why this was such a pinch-me day. I was beyond honored to be assisting with hair and makeup for the presentation. It was a very glam day for me--it’s not everyday you get to do makeup for Louboutin with a view featuring Prada, Celine, and Tory Burch. It gets even better though, I know how could my day get any more glam? Nina, our makeup artist, and I really wanted to go to the show so we casually strolled up to the door and told them who we were and that we were there to do touch ups and they let us right in to this exclusive A list party. Nina and I walked around sipping champagne,  bumping shoulders with celebrities and taking in the breathtaking shoes around the boutique. As we perused around, my eavesdropping ears heard one of the event coordinators tell a photographer to go downstairs because Christian was here and he needed to get photos of him during the party. I spun around so fast I almost fell down the staircase next to me. And there he was standing in the center of the store mingling with Fat Joe and Loren Ridinger. 15 year old me almost fainted. I grabbed Nina by the arm, dragged her down the stairs and told her we’re going to meet Christian Louboutin...We Absolutely Have To! Inching our way into the crowd around him, we were able to get close enough for him to notice us and we introduced ourselves. He told us how gorgeous all the models looked and thanked us for coming. Yet another pinch me moment. We all took a picture together while I was trying to hold it together inside, I mean I think anyone would be freaking out if Christian Louboutin had his arm around them. You can see the excitement in my face in the picture below. This has been thus far one of the greatest days of my 22 years of life.

So, you see, how can anyone not look forward to going to work when there’s a chance a fairytale dream can come true at any moment? Life at Beauty For Real can be quite glamorous in the midst of the makeup, models, fashion, and celebrities. However, don’t be deceived by the flashy lights--we’re still normal women at heart who just happen to work hard toward making our fairytale dreams come true. 


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  • Nina on

    Ahh I love it Alyssa!! I remember this day very well too! It was so exciting and so much fun working with you! Looking forward to many more pinch me moments with you and the BFR team!

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