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Facts about Mascara you probably didn't know.

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Here’s the reason why you sneeze when applying mascara and other facts about Mascara you probably didn’t know. Read on to get to know your favorite go-to on another level.

1. Shut your fly trap

Why do we open our mouth when we apply mascara?

Ever wondered why you open your mouth when you apply mascara? It’s easier not to blink when your mouth is open, which is why we look like we’re summoning flies when we put on mascara



 2. Admires perfect mascara application, sneezes, ruins it… 

Nothing’s worse than getting your mascara and lashes looking perfect and messing it up because you had to sneeze. But why?! There are nerve fibers at the root of your lashes so when you wiggle your wand back and forth, you stimulate those nerves and send a message to your brain that triggers a sneeze.








3. Inner beauty is great but a little mascara never hurts... sometimes

The FDA reports that the most common cosmetic-related injury is scratching the eye with our mascara wands. This should come as no surprise…I’m sure we’ve all done it, especially when we sneeze with the wand on our lash.

4. Beauty Comes with a Price

Win a years supply of mascaraThe average woman (and of course some men, too) will spend close to $4,000 on mascara in a lifetime.  Cut down on your spending and enter the #BFRLashChallenge. If you win, we got you covered with our Hi-Def Mascara for a year, no strings attached. Click here to learn more.






5. Before there were sunglasses, we had sunlashes

Egyptians used kohl (a black powder, usually made with some sort of sulfide) to darken their eyelashes and to protect their eyes from the sun. They added honey and crocodile stool to it to keep this early version of mascara from running. It must have smelled fabulous.


6. Lashes that can make you drop dead, literally!

In the 1930s, a product called Lash Lure was marketed in the United States as a permanent mascara. A mere 3 years later, the dye used was seized by Congress, due to the fact that it blinded more than a dozen women and even killed another. Five years after the Lash Lure incident, Congress granted the Food and Drug Administration the right to regulate cosmetics.


So make the smart decision, choose a mascara that doesn't contain harmful contaminants (& you'd be surprised which brands still do).  Try Beauty For Real HI-DEF Mascara from $19, for lashes to love that are safe, smudge proof and long-lasting.


There's still time to enter the #bfrlashchallenge where you could win up to a years supply of mascara for yourself.  Click here to learn more

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