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Holiday Gift Guide For Her

gift guide

By Jada Mohammed 

Another winter means another year of shopping for the ladies that made it to your nice list. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could land yourself in some hot cocoa with the ladies in your life. A little help from your friends at Beauty For Real just might save you this year.

Here are a few tips to send you on your happy way!

The Dos and the Do Nots of Shopping for Her

Shopping for any woman:

  • Do make the gift personal. A little something to remind the gift recipient of you is always a sweet gesture. Do not impose your colorful taste on others. Not everyone will appreciate a cat in outer space t-shirt as much as you would.
  • Do take age into consideration. It’s always nice to flatter someone by guessing their age a few years lower than the actual number, however a middle-aged woman will not appreciate the headphones and crop tops you’re thinking of getting her. Remember do not buy something too age appropriate like anti-aging creams.
  • Do include gift receipts
  • Do consult with someone who knows her well and can keep a secret!


Shopping for your significant other:

  • Do have fun with it. Getting into the spirit of shopping and embracing your inner Stacy London will help make the whole gift buying process go from drab to fab. Do not think gag gifts are fun. They are not. Your girlfriend will not like the ring sized box with earrings in it.
  • Do upgrade an item she uses often. The thought of getting something she will always need shows that you put extra effort into finding the perfect gift. Do not buy things like jewelry or perfume unless you are sure of her taste.
  • Do get a gift that will bring the two of you closer. But do not buy tickets without clearing the dates with her first.


Shopping for makeup can be a whole different ball game from shopping for another type of gift. Beauty For Real wants to help you pick the perfect products. Find the description that best matches the lady in your life you are shopping for along with its corresponding product recommendations.  If you see more than one description that matches her, feel free to get products from multiple sections.

The Leggings Queen - She is always wearing leggings or sweatpants and would choose a ponytail over a hair brush any day. T-shirts are her specialty and messy buns are her qualifications.

Product Recommendations:
HI-DEF Mascara
MVP Tinted Moisturizer (be sure of her color- email our experts for help)
Any color Lip Gloss + Shine
Lip Revival Sugar Scrub

The Glam Queen - “Casual” is not in her vocabulary. She dresses her best whether she is out on the town or picking up some more milk for her cereal.

Product Recommendations:
Blush + Glo (Coral Crush for darker skin, In The Pink for lighter skin)
24 Karat I-Line
Total Glo Bronzer
Any color Lip Cream + Color 

The Dancing Queen - This free spirit changes her style as often as she changes her clothes. Anything from edgy to chic can describe this woman on the move.

Product Recommendations:
Bronze + Glo
Black Magic I-Line
Whiskey I-Line
Midnight Marathon Shadow Stx

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