Keeping It Real: The Secret To Unbelievably Thick Lashes


Non-photoshopped lashes versus photoshopped lashes cause a big rift in consumer expectations. Most mascara ads, if not already wearing falsies, will individually draw in each lash. Is it likely your lashes would look this way without Photoshop?

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! For me, the new year always brings ideas about how I can live this year better than the last. Among other things (the usual; eat better, exercise more, meditate, clean out my closet regularly, etc.), I’ve decided I’d like to be more engaged and forthcoming with my thoughts and opinions. So here it goes- I’ve got a bone to pick.

Have you ever noticed how ridiculously perfect and fake the lashes in mascara advertisements look in magazines? Then we buy their mascara and wonder what’s wrong with our lashes because they don’t look like the ad. The truth is most mascara ads use false lashes or completely Photoshop them. They "keep it real" with a little, tiny small print at the bottom of the page admitting to false lashes but that doesn't do much to change your expectation of the results the product will deliver. In my opinion, this is absolutely false advertising. I’m not the only one; the National Advertising Division has tried cases like these time and time again and yet ads continue to deceive us. (Source: New York Times)

This barely visible disclaimer reads: "Simulation of product results on lashes enhanced with lash inserts." Even with a disclaimer, however, the main message of the ad along with the image leave a lasting impression on the consumer that simply isn't true.

As a make up artist, I’ve done hundreds of photos with mascara and it really is the most difficult product to photograph. No matter how great the mascara application looks, when it’s photographed, the lashes look less than perfect. Some will look stuck together and uneven; therefore, spiky, textured lashes are usually the outcome.

Now, I’m not saying that a little Photoshop is out of the question, but if you have the best mascara, then let’s see some honest proof and not misrepresentation. I believe Beauty For Real does have the best mascara on the market and we are proud to share its real result. 

The photo above demonstrates the real effects of the Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara. The hollow micro-brush holds enough product for full application of product on both eyes with one dip and a true volumizing+lengthening result. No falsies or photoshop required.

The #BFRLashChallenge showcases the effect of our product on real lashes and without Photoshop. No fine print, just REAL thick and long lashes. Have a look at the #BFRLashChallenge hashtag on Instagram (@beautyforreal) and Facebook (Beauty For Real – Beauty Simplified) and see what all the excitement is about. Show us your before and after and you could win a year’s supply of Hi-Def Mascara for yourself, no strings attached. 

The #BFRLashChallenge aims to promote the real effects of mascara on the lashes of real women. Grand prize is a year's worth ($114 value) of Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara. Learn more

 Come on everyone- Keep it Real!

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