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I want My MTV and My Waterproof Eyeliner!

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There’s just something about a rock star and black eyeliner!

This is a story about me, Billie Joe and Tre Cool, 2/3 of the incredible band Green Day.

As you may know, I’ve been working as a make up artist for many years. I’m thankful for this career everyday as I’ve met some incredibly fascinating people and have had amazing opportunities to travel all over the world. More than 10 years ago my agent called asking if I was interested in doing a test photo-shoot with a great photographer in town from New York. He was working on a proposal for a big client and needed someone to do waterproof makeup. For free. Now, I know we all need to make a living and sometimes free just doesn’t work, but I’ve always been one to accept every good opportunity because you never know when it may lead to something really great. This was one of those times.

It was mid-summer and hurricane season.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in Miami in mid-summer but it rains everyday and is as hot and humid as a steaming pot of boiling water. The shoot was to be outside with the model standing in a kiddy pool with a hose attached to a PVC pipe, which hung horizontally above her head. The water recycled through the hose, into the pipe and came out of a slit in the pipe creating a solid sheet of water that she stood in front of and even under. This meant the make up was going to be splashed on her and water would be running down her face. It was to be a strong look with a smoky eye and lots of lashes. I remember being a bit nervous hoping it would all stay in place.

It was such a cool concept and it all worked incredibly well. Until it started to rain and then turned into a huge thunderstorm- you know the kind where the sky opens up like someone threw a bucket of water from heaven. We were surrounded by photo equipment much of it metal and a great conductor of electricity- and the model was standing in a foot of water. Yikes! But still we HAD to get the shot and miraculously none of us died.

Have bags, will travel.

When we finished, the photographer remarked on how great the make up was- it hadn’t budged throughout the water effect or the rain. He said “I wish you could come with me on this job if I get it”. He still had to present the concept to the client.  Of course, I said “I’m sure I can make myself available.” Have bags, will travel.

And that’s how I went on a 3-stop photo-shoot with photographer Matthias Clamer for MTV.


We started with Shakira in France near Versailles, then took the chunnel train to London for Mariah Carey and finished in Oslo, Norway with Green Day.

Mariah Carey

All in that crazy kiddy pool under a sheet of water, all in waterproof make up. It all looked terrific and was used as a campaign to promote the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

Green Day

It was an interesting, fun and exciting trip. While he didn’t wear the most make up (that would go to Mariah) believe it or not, those Green Day boys were serious about their eyeliner and Billie Joe Armstrong wore it best. There’s just something about a rock star and black eyeliner!


Moral of the story- keep your mind open for great opportunities and have high performance waterproof make up! 


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Article by Leslie Munsell


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