Foundation Brush - With it’s circular shape and velvety flat top, this complexion perfector buffs all formulas to a flawless, airbrushed finish.

Powder Brush - Super soft, with a domed, round shape, our powder brush is great for delivering a dusting of light powder or bronzer and for doing a quick blend at the end of your application leavming everything seamless.

Blush Brush - This domed, flat brush is specifically designed with short, dense bristles to control easy placement and blending of cream and powder blush and contour.

*Angled Shading Brush - Rounded, angled edge for placement and contouring of eyes.

*Blending Brush - Loose, domed shape for blending eye shadow.

*Large Tapered Blending Brush - Larger rounded head for blending of powder or cream eye shadows.

*Small Tapered Blending Brush- Smaller rounded head for more precise blending of cream or powder shadows to a smaller area.

*Eye Shader Brush- Flat brush with soft, yet firm bristles.  Rounded edge is designed for placement and smudging of cream and powder shadows.

*Lip Brush - Flat, firm bristles with a rounded, curved tip to deliver precise lip lines.


*Spoolie Brush- The essential tool for grooming lashes and brows.  *Angle Brush- Flat, narrow, firm bristles perfect for defining brows and applying eyeliner.


*Dual ended